In Memory of
November 26, 2007 - January 23, 2019

Our Little Spooky Boy
Lover of Pinecones
Shpookety Spook Spook Spook
Spook De-La-Spook

"He still dances in our hearts"


I've got a little red wagon.
It takes me where I cannot go.
My Daddy pulls me in it
Down the paths and trails and roads.

My Momma walks beside me
As my wagon rolls along.
Zeta and Jack walk with us
As we sing a howling song.

I love my little red wagon.
They bought it just for me
When I was much too weak to walk
Through the campground passed the trees.

Then one day I had to leave
My little wagon behind.
I was sad it couldn't come
To the place that I would find.

When I made my way to Heaven
I was so very surprised
There was Luke, Altair and Blue
With a wagon for me to ride.

They were all so glad to see me
And we ran and danced and played.
Then Luke said "Okay y'all get in"
As he pulled us on our way.

We road passed hills and valleys
And we all howled at the stars.
Treats were growing on the trees.
There were pinecones near and far.

We stopped at a golden meadow.
We were barking happy sounds,
Chasing Luke into the sun.
Then we tumbled to the ground.

There is no pain in Heaven
And my legs are never weak.
I'm never ever hungry
And I can even speak.

So when you get to Heaven
To that place of eternal fun,
We will all be waiting for you
With my little red wagon.

By: Christine Ross
In memory of Spooky
2007 - 2019










Spook Creek


Walked through every possible mud puddle

Making us get up in the morning

Howling & Singing

Drinking from all the water bowls

Telling Christine he wanted something to eat and looking at Robin if she didn't move fast enough for him

Sleeping by the TV and then moving to the gate

Trying out all of the new beds when we would get them

Barking at dogs on TV or any 4 legged animal plus animated dogs

Barking at Dogs in the jeep

When they were young playing with Zeta and chasing each other in the snow around the water tank

Spooky tricking Zeta when they were running

Growling at Sherman

Protecting his food

Eating Pine cones & sticks

Spooky loved sharing a bag of popcorn with Christine, one piece at a time.

Taking short cuts on walks

Having a lot of slobber, sometimes on the top of his head and rubbing it on us

Slobbering on Christine's leg when we got up in the morning

Clickity Clacking down the hall

Falling out of the Wrangler and Liberty going to garage sells

Fell out of the Wrangler in the woods and we had to find him

Loved to play in Altair Pond and get covered with mud

Drank my Pepsi on a yard sale

Ate out of Christine's hand when he was sick

Loved treats

Ate brisket that was in a zip lock bag and the pooped out the sealed bag with the brisket still in it, we called Zeta Taco( he had eaten left over tacos ) and called Spooky brisket because he had eaten the brisket

In January 2019 he jumped into the yard at the pen and could not get back up because of the snow

Would stick his head from the back of the wrangler to the front at the console

Would always want to sit between the seats in the motor home and sometimes push Jack out of the way

Would follow Christine everywhere

Spooky speed bump

Would not let Jack pass him when walking

Jack humping Spooky while spooky was going up the ramp

Rolling down the ramp to the Grand Cherokee

Laid down with his head on the brick

Hanging his head off his bed on the floor

Always wanted water in the camper

Loved riding in his little red wagon

Would growl at Zeta if he got too close to the wagon

Vomited in the Liberty on the way home after Christine picked him up

Chasing elk, squirrels and rabbits

Would go half way through the dog doors to look around

Would fall asleep with his head in a food bowl or plate

Spooky loved to lick bowls, plates, everything

Spooky loved peanut poof and shortly before he died he started carrying it to different bed

He did not like staying in the back room, empty boxes had fallen on him one time

Spooky rolled in fresh cow patties when the cows got in the front yard

Spooky Tail soup

Shpookyity Shpook Shpook Shpook--Spook de la Spook

Spooky had to potty while in the Grand Cherokee on the way back from Sedona and we did not have a place to pull over so he pottie in the jeep after he tried to jump out the window.

Spooky would see himself in a mirror, or other reflective surface, and bark at "that dog" who was Spooky.


1-The day after Spooky died we wanted to watch a dog movie. We tried a number of them but they either did not look good or we had to pay for them. We ended up watching WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS. It was about coon hunting dogs. The first dogs in the movie looked just like Spooky in the face but had long legs. They were Blue Tick hounds. Another Blue Tick hound was named Blue.

2- Then on Friday, a few days after Spooky died, Emily sent us a text with a card for Spooky and it came in on our Phone at 10:31 AM. (Luke was born on 10-31 Halloween)

3- On Monday, almost a week after Spooky died, Dan Thomas was here delivering our water and I (Robin) asked how his wife was doing and he replied, " She is doing good, but it was Spooky for awhile". I asked if he ever used that word "Spooky" and he said no, he doesn't remember ever using it. I told him why and he was amazed. THANK YOU SPOOKY

4- 1-31-19 Before Spooky died Christine had whispered in Spooky's ear to send us a sign after he crossed over. Spooky loved chewing on pinecones, so Christine told Spooky that his special sign would be a pinecone, but not a pinecone in the forest, but a pinecone where you would usually not see a pinecone. Christine was wrapping up an item she sold on EBay, an antique medical spray bottle for sore throat, Pineoleum, with pine cones on the label She asked to send her a sign of pine cones where they are not usually found. WOW. Thanks Spooky!


Last Entry in Luke's Journal:

"When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face,
I need nothing else." ~ Luke Ross


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