In Memory of
Jumped into our hearts August 6, 2012 - Jumped to Heaven May 3, 2019

Our Little Baby Boy
Lover of Buffalo

Chicken Leg
Rat Dog
Lil Bits
Baby Boy


It was August 6, 2012 and we were returning from Phoenix after taking Emily and Dave to the airport from their week long visit with us. As we got off of the interstate and were driving through the prairie on the road to our house we saw something in the road. Christine said "Robin, what is that in the road"? As we got closer Christine said...."It's a little dog". Robin said... "Well we have to pick him up because he will never survive over night in this prairie because the Coyotes will eat him." So we picked up this little solid black 15 pound dog and put him in the back of the car. We drove home and put him in the yard. We made a call to the vet to get him checked out. We put up signs everywhere to try to find his owners. After two weeks we took down the signs. We were so glad that no one claimed him because in those two weeks we had fallen in love with this little black dog. We had many choices for names ..... Eclipse, Forest, & Stinky. When we brought him to the vet as we were waiting for the vet to come in he started jumping up and down trying to see through the window on the door. Christine said "Well little fellow I guess your name will be Jack because of your Jumping Jacks." So for the next ALMOST seven years that little stinky black dog brought us so much happiness. Robin said.... "We didn't even know how much we needed him." He was diagnosed with cander and he died in Christine's arms as we were driving home from Texas. He jumped into our hearts that wonderful day in August and he broke our hearts on that sad day in May. As I always told him every night after he got sick....."You are the best Jack Boy in the whole wide world. We are going to love you forever and ever. We will never ever forget you." We said those words to him over and over just before his cremation. WHAT A BLESSING HE WAS IN OUR LIVES FOR SEVEN SHORT YEARS. "See you soon Jack"


I've got a little blue Stroller.
It takes me where I cannot go.
My Momma pushes me in it
Down the paths and trails and roads.

My Momma watches over me
As my stroller rolls along.
Zeta and Daddy walk with us
As we sing a happy song.

I love my little blue stroller.
They bought it just for me
When I was much too weak to walk
Through the campground passed the trees.

One day in May I had to leave
My little stroller behind.
I was sad it couldn't come
To the place that I would find.

When I made my way to Heaven
What I saw filled up my soul.
Luke, Spooky, Altair & Blue
Were there to take me for a stroll.

They were all so glad to see me
And we ran and jumped and played.
Then Luke said "Okay y'all jump in"
As he pushed us on our way.

We rode passed hills and valleys
And we jumped up to the stars.
Treats were growing on the trees.
There were buffalo near and far.

We stopped at Jackalope Prairie.
We were running all around,
Chasing Luke into the sun.
Then we tumbled to the ground.

There is no pain in Heaven
And my legs are never weak.
My mouth no longer hurts me
I jump higher than the peaks.

So when you get to Heaven
To that place of eternal youth,
We will all be waiting for you
With my little stroller of blue.

By: Christine Ross
In memory of Jack

at Caprock State Park, Texas
Just 2 days before Jack died




JACK AND SHERMAN (our Granddog)


(Spooky died just 3 1/2 months before Jack)





(Jack is the tiny black dot way up the trail)


Jumping Jack

Licked us all over our faces after he was finished with his first radiation treatment

Loved IN N OUT Double Double Burgers

Had very bad breath until he had several teeth pulled

Always tried to get passed Spooky but Spooky was always in the way

Very picky eater

Loved the baby food he had to eat when he couldn't eat solid food anymore

Put him on kitchen counter to lick up Spooky's cancer food mess after we finished making it

Always had to be first when we went walking

He always tried to howl with Spooky but it would only come out as a whisper

Barked at the Buffalo at Cap Rock in Texas and had to hold him from jumping out of the camper

After he barked at the Buffalo and made them move he was so proud of himself

Loved to bark at the cows in Jackalope Prairie

Loved to chase rabbits and squirrels

Love to chew on rib bones and T-bones and would take them to the front porch to enjoy them alone

Scared the security guard at Burger King on the Navajo Reservation

Christine would tell Jack... Do you want Momma to rock that baby boy and he would run.

Christine loved to rock Jack more than Jack liked to be rocked

Loved to sit on the foot rest of Robin's recliner and Robin loved him to sit there.

Would bark out orders

After he got sick he would just stand in front of the sofa or his chair and wait for Christine to pick him up, which she gladly did

Loved to go for strolls in his little blue stroller after he got sick. Christine strolled him every chance she got

Chased Antelope and elk in Jackalope Prairie with his big brothers Zeta and Spooky.

When he got hungry he would jump up an down, beg and bark, then run to the bathroom to eat while slip sliding aound the corner to get down the hall

No matter what we gave him to chew on or to eat he would have to bring it to a rug to enjoy it

Ate out of Christine's hand when he was sick

Loved treats and little weinies (vieanna sausage)and mini crunchy tacos

Jumped up on the foot stool and the seat in the RV when the lids were off and was very surprised that he landed inside.

Would roll around on the bed, a rug, carpet, snow, grass. Would do this over and over

Once when Robin was fussing at Zeta for doing something wrong, Jack jumped up in the air and bit Robin on the butt on his way down.

Both Spooky and Jack wanted to sit in the space between the front seats in the motor home. Spooky would sometimes push Jack out of the way. Jack would sometimes squeeze in where he could to be in the prime spot between the seats

Jack would follow Christine everywhere

If ANYONE was going outside, Jack would go with them.

Loved to lay on the front porch and watch for squirrels and rabbits or just to soak up the sun.

Jack humped Spooky sometimes while spooky was going up the ramp

When Christine was working on the computer and Jack wanted her to scratch behind his ears, he would jump up on the foot stool and pull on her computer screen so that she would close it and he could stand on top and get his scratchies.

When he wanted to go out the gate he would jump up and down in front of it. Once when he was doing that Spooky ran up to the gate while Jack was in the air and Jack landed on Spooky's head.

Love to lay in his recliner on his cow pillow with his legs wrapped around the pillow

Would run so fast through the house and through the dog doors and down the deck and down the driveway.... his little legs were just a blurr.

When he ran through the house he would be running so fast that he would slide around the corners.

When he ran down the deck he would be going so fast he would slide at the end and nearly fall off then turn around and run as fast as he could out the gate or into the the house through the dog doors.

Sometimes he would not eat anything for a day or two and then the next day gobble up 3 ceasar's at one time.

He would crawl under the front seats of the jeep to get to the back or vice versa

Had to hold him back from jumping out the windows when barking at dogs.

He was only about 15 pounds but he thought he was much bigger. There was not another animal from Buffalo to squirrel that he was afraid of.

When he really wanted something he would give us kissies over and over and over on our noses.

Everytime Robin got out of the drivers seat Jack would immediately get in his seat

After he was sick he would sneak out of the house or go to another room when he saw Christine getting his meds ready.

When he pooped he always had to find a bush and put his little butt as high up in the bush as it would go and then take his poop. We would always laugh to see his poop on a branch in a bush.

Liked to get in Zeta's big crate on the sofa. He thought he was a big boy.

He would freeze in place if we put a piece of clothing or blanket over his head or if we put Zeta's muzzle on him although it was very large for him.

Loved to go to the lake or the pond and get in up to his neck

Considered naming him STINKY when we found him because he stunk so bad

When he went to Emily and Dave's house he would eat any food that Sherman had left on the floor. We called him their vaccum.

Loved to play in the snow. He would shove his face down in the snow and come up covered. We would then call him JACK FROST

Also he loved to run down the snowy driveway

Loved steak

Loved to hang his head out the window and let his ears blow in the wind

Jack could open the back gate on his own when it was not latched

Sometimes Jack would wander off in the house or outside and we could not find him and we would call and call and then look down and there he was right beside us. He would just appear out of nowhere.

When Jack needed a bath he would shower with Christine or Christine would bathe him in the sink.

When all the dogs would play together running outside, Jack would jump up at them to play bite them

Jack loved sleeping in his crate at night in our bedroom, but when he got sick we made him sleep in the bed with us. Every night he would still go in the bedroom looking for his crate.

Jack would lick our hands to show love or to say thank you.

Jack also loved pizza from Sam's Club

He always had a wheezing sound when he breathed while lying down

After Jack got sick he would let Christine rock him for a long time

If a rug was not available when it was time to eat he did not know what to do with his food

One day we all went into Williams in the Jeep Wrangler. Robin, Christine, & Jack were in the front seats. Spooky and Zeta where riding in the back open part of the Jeep. Jack had on his harness and a leash that was attached to the stick shift on the Jeep to make sure he didn't fall out because the front was all opened. Robin parked downtown while Christine went into a store. While she was in the store a German Shepherd passed by on the sidewalk. All three dogs were going crazy barking at the German Shepherd. Well Jack, always thinking he was much bigger than his bark, decided to jump out of the Jeep to go get the this huge dog. He was attaced to the leash which was attached to the Jeep. As he jumped out the window he was held back by the leash attached to his back on the harness and was dangling and swinging back and forth on the side of the Jeep hanging from the leash. Our dogs were always a comedy act wherever we went.

When Jack had been sick for awhile he was going out the gate with us. He saw a rabbit under the truck and ran as fast as he could then did a split under the truck and then just kept on running after that rabbit. "He never caught a rabbit, but he sure was a FRIEND of mine."

When Robin was in the recliner, Jack would stand at the foot of the recliner and bark for Robin to lean the recliner back so that Jack could lay down on the foot rest.

Jack always did great at the vet. He would never bark at the other dogs and would never complain no matter what they had to do to him.

Jack died in his Momma's arms
(taken 5 minutes after he died)


A few weeks before Jack died Christine would whisper in his ear every night..."Don't forget our secret sign... a buffalo."

05/03/2019... We were rolling down the highway in the motor home in Texas when Jack died. Christine was holding him in her arms. She whispered to him about our secret sign from him. He died a few minutes later. About an hour and 20 minutes after he died Christine decided to check her phone for the first time to see where we were. She looked at the map and we were going through the town of BUFFALO SPRINGS. That was our first sign from Jack.

05/03/2019....About 3 hours after Jack died Christine turned on the Sirius Radio. The first song that showed up on the screen was a song by "Buffalo Springfield".

05/03/2019...Then as we were getting close to where we were going to stop for the night, Christine looked at her map on her phone and it showed we were near BUFFALO LAKE.

05/03/2019...Then just after we saw Buffalo Lake on the map Robin said...."Christine, look at that truck in front of us." It was an 18 wheeler and the company name was BISON (Buffalo)and it had a big picture of a buffalo on the side.

05/03/2019... Then a few minutes after we saw the Bison truck we saw a truck from CAP ROCK STATE PARK, where we had camped the night before. This is the park that we went to last year and this year and where Jack fell in love with the Buffalo.

05/03/2019... Then a few minutes after the Cap Rock truck we saw a double rainbow in the sky... we said RAINBOW BRIDGE!!!!

05/04/2019...Then the next morning as we were still trying to get home we saw a billboard with BUFFALO THUNDER CASINO on it.

05/05/2019... We were watching "The Voice" that we had recorded and there was a commercial with a buffalo in it.

05/06/2019.... We were watching the show THE SON, and the beginning of the show they had a mounted buffalo head on the wall.

05/06/2019.... We saw a commercial on TV for Blue Buffalo Dog Food.

05/07/2019.... We decided to watch a movie in honor of Jack so we rented the movie A DOG'S WAY HOME. Right at the beginning of the movie we discovered that the young man that adopted the little dog was named LUCAS. Then further into the movie, the dog had gotten lost and spent the night under an old wagon in a prairie. (We found Jack in the Prairie by our house). Then when the dog woke up the next morning he got out from under the wagon and looked around and the dog was surrounded by BUFFALO (our special sign from Jack). Then at the end of the movie when the dog finally made it home to LUCAS, the dog said....."I was really home with Lucas. I was where I needed to be." The very last line of the movie as they showed the night sky, the dog said..."The invisible leash that lead me to LUCAS was LOVE" ..... THANK YOU JACK AND LUKE!!!!!

(you won't believe this place)


Last Entry in Luke's Journal:

"When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face,
I need nothing else." ~ Luke Ross


Music playing:
Written and Preformed by Luke Ross in 1997