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In the last few months of Luke's life he began learning martial arts. So he ordered a big kick/punching bag, a video, some kind of stick thing (sorry Luke, I can't remember what it is called), a jump rope, and some other things that I don't know what they are called....LOL. Luke asked if he could convert half of the garage into a workout room, and we thought it was a great idea! He anxiously waited for his order to arrive.

In the meantime, we went to Home Depot and he bought carpet for the garage floor. It was so much fun going with him and picking it out. Then we got home and started putting the carpet down and had the best time, just the two of us, out in that garage. I can still hear him whistling while we worked.

The next day we went to Sam's Club and he bought a workout machine, and again, we had so much fun, just putting it together, and trying to find all the nuts and bolts and screws. I said...."Luke, maybe we should read the directions." Luke said..."Nah.... we can figure it out." Luke was always one for just diving into a project.....'his way'..... lol. After we got it put together, we had several pieces left over and Luke just shrugged his shoulders and we laughed, but it worked perfectly, even with pieces missing.

The following day we went to Walmart and he bought a small TV for the garage so that he could work out with his video. Luke had gotten a better price on HIS TV than Robin (Luke's Dad) had gotten on the little one he had bought for the cabin, just a few weeks earlier. Luke had so much fun teasing his dad about that!!!!

The next day Luke decided that he needed some large mirrors in the garage for his work out. Luke's bedroom had two large mirrored sliding glass doors on his closet..... sooooo Luke said..."Hey mom, can I take the doors off of my closet and put them up in the garage? I will buy more doors for the closet." I said...."Hey, great idea, I will help you." So we took the doors off of his closet and hung them on the walls of the garage... it was perfect..

Then a few days later, around the first of March, all of his 'stuff' arrived that he ordered. He was so excited when the UPS guy deliverd it to the front door. There was this huge box that had the kick/punching bag in it. OMG.... I had no idea that it would be that heavy! Luke wanted to hang it up right then and there. I said... "Luke maybe you should wait for dad to get home so he can help you." But of course impatient Luke went straight to the garage.... AND of course I followed to watch the installation. He got the hook firmly placed in a stud on the ceiling of the garage. Then he picked up the bag to hang it, but could not because there was a chain that needed to be stretched up to the hook, so there definitely need to be two people to hang this HEAVY BAG!!!! So Luke said... "Hey mom, (I knew then I was going to have to help... lol) could you stand on the step stool and hold the chain while I lift up the bag and then you can put it on the hook? You won't have to lift anything." So I went and got the step stool, stood on it under the hook, held on to the chain as Luke lifted the HEAVY bag...... Well, it didn't quite reach so I said..."Luke, Pick it up a little more." Well, you could see that Luke was straining very hard and the veins were popping out on his neck and arms, but he lifted it just a little more..... BUT!!!!! when he did it bumped the stool I was standing on, I lost my balance and fell onto the bag that Luke was holding up in the air. The bag then fell onto Luke with me hanging onto the bag. We all three (Luke, the bag, and I) went tumbling down to the newly carpeted garage floor. At first there was NOT A SOUND coming from either of us. I was lying there wondering if Luke was hurt and Luke was lying ther wondering if I was hurt. Then at the exact same second we both broke out in uncontrollable laughter as we rolled around on the floor. Through the laughter we could hear moans of pain coming from each other, but the moans were no where near as loud as the laughter, so we both knew each other was okay. Oh how I want to laugh like that again!

I will laugh like that agin someday. Someday beyond this earth, beyond this life, in that Heavenly place where Luke is.... I will Live, laugh, and love.

2014 Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001


A sign of life inside me,
Waiting for you to arrive.
There you are my baby boy.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Peek-a-boo and tickles,
Off to bed piggy-back rides,
Giddy-up horsy going to town.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Swing real high and see-saw,
Playing hide-and-go-seek inside.
Choo-choo train in cardboard boxes.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Bicycle rides around the block.
Pogo sticks and water slides,
Best friends sleeping over.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Football games and soccer,
Parties and go-cart rides,
Puppy love and pic-nics.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Mountain biking and skiing,
Teaching you how to drive,
Guitars and speakers and music.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Dates, and proms, and first loves.
College and things to decide.
Your music from the piano.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Roses and candles and new friends.
Long talks in the swing outside.
Adventures and lunches and stories.
Oh how we laughed until we cried.

Life and love and family.
We all laughed until we cried.
It was such fun while it lasted.
Oh how we laughed ... until you died.

2009 - Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001

Find and be found to discover your.....

Good Riddance (TIME OF YOUR LIFE)

'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' is a song by the American rock band Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song in 1990 and did not show the song to his bandmates until 1993. The song was determined to be too different from the rest of the songs on the album at that time. The song was recorded on another album in 1997. The song is more commonly promoted on the radio as 'Time of Your Life', and it became a Billboard Country Rock chart-topper and an international hit. To the band's surprise, the song became a hit at prom dances. Armstrong had not meant it to be a romantic song, and was surprised that it was used so. The song is also very appropriate to 'sum up' someone's life.


Good Riddance (TIME OF YOUR LIFE)

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right,
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right,
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right,
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right,
I hope you had the time of your life.

~ WORDS AND MUSIC BY: Billie Joe Armstrong 1990


Aaron Charles Kurtz*31*3-27-76/ 3-20-08*car accident

Adam Jarod DeLong*18*3/10/76 - 9/2/94*auto accident

Alyssa Estevez*23*04/21/1982 - 03/12/2006*Single Car Accident

Austin James Jolliff*10 months 18 days*03/23/205-02/11/2006*shaken

barry aitken*101084 3 12 2004*suiside

Brad Alan O'Martin*27*6/7/77 - 3/10/05*Melanoma Cancer

Brandon Wesley Sgaggero*29*4/7/78 - 3/6/08*Narcotic Intoxication-morphine and methadoneh

Christopher Ronald Faller*7-1/2 yrs*5/7/90 - 3/24/98*viral tumors after successful piggyback heart transplant

Colin Stephens*22 years*September 2, 1976 - March 29, 1999

Craig Nolan Watson*21*DOB 3/3/84 DOD 12/1/05*IED

Dustin James Ellis*16*2/21/85---3/17/2001*smoke inhailation, due to housefire

Jason Christopher Dunn*22*June 5, 1974-March 13,1997*Accidental Gun

Justin T. Pecco*22*March 20, 1988 - July 6, 2011

Kaylin Marie Mathews*20 years*03/01/1988 - 07/01/2008*Homicide

Patricia Diane Rawls*53*3-2-56 to 12-11-10*Cancer

Robert Dennis (Bobby) Digan*18 Yrs.*3/23/73 - 5/23/91*Special Needs & Surgery mistake

Major Sean Cedric Douglas*36 yrs.*3/16/72 - 5/31/08*Motorcycle accident

Sean Ernest Stenzel*27*DOB 3/13/1984 DOD 7/31/2011*Car accident

SHELLY LYNN BEAM*32*10/03/1975--03/26/2008*drug overdose

Tina Marie McQuaig*27*5.5.72 3.15.00*Homocide

IN MEMORY OF: Christopher Ronald Faller
AGE: 7-1/2 years
DATES: 5/7/90 -3/24/98
CAUSE: viral tumors after a successful piggyback heart transplant
SUBMITTED BY: Maria, Christopher's mommy forever

In remembrance of Christopher Faller on the day that he left us -- I wrote your name on the sand...
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name on the sky...but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in my heart...and forever it'll stay.

IN MEMORY OF: Jason Christopher Dunn
AGE: 22
DATES: 6-5-1974--3-13-1997
CAUSE: Accidental Gun Shot
SUBMITTED BY: Susie-Jason's Mom

The morning of March 14, 1997 had the most beautiful
sunrise I had ever witnessed.
The sun rose in the shape of a cross
just like a painting....it was just so breathtaking.

I had no idea that my son
lay dead just 18 miles away.
I had no idea that the world
as I knew it was coming to an end.
I had no idea that there could be
so much pain in my heart
and it still goes on beating.....but I soon learned
that we are not promised tomorrow....
our children do not always out live us...
as we mistakenly believe until we get
THAT phone call...or THAT knock on the door
and then our world comes crashing down around us.
Jason was playing with a gun
he knew better...he thought it was empty
it was NOT!

GOD in HIS wisdom has a plan....
and we all fit into that plan...
sometimes we have to adjust to fit
because we do not see the entire plan...
only our small part of it.
Losing Jason has made me look at that plan
and wonder where I fit into it...
My son finished his work....
lessons learned...
and was welcomed into Heaven
to early for a mother's heart...
but right on God's time.



Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~Victor Borge


"I guess human nature takes over and people are afraid they will hurt us, but what they don't realize is it is an honor to say my child's name and remember her no matter how big or small the memory may be." ~ Pat Robinson 2012


IN MEMORY OF: Daniel Joseph Quinn
AGE: 21
DATES: 1/1/87 - 12/18/08

My son Danny passed away 2 weeks shy of his 22nd birthday. One of his favorite quotes was "Doin' Big Things." He was away at college in Orlando at UCF and I would speak with him daily. Sometimes we would talk numerous times a day. Everytime I asked him what he was doing he would say "Mom, I'm doing Big Things." Followed by his unique laugh. I would always say what does that mean? His definition of "Doin' Big Things" was going to school, making money, going to the shooting range, training at the gym, getting tattoos, BBQ's, parties or spending time with his family and friends. He was always so proud of his "Big" accomplishments and successes. I remember shaking my head thinking why couldn't he just tell me what he was doing? After he passed I realized how he loved his tattoos. How he felt it was art and how he expressed himself. So, I decided that one of my tattoos to honor him would be "Doin' Big Things" along with a dove and his dates. I must say that everytime I look at that tattoo, I remember our conversations with a smile. How I wish I could hear one more time "Mom, I'm Doing' Big Things."


IN MEMORY OF: Joshua Eugene Hedglin
AGE: 18
DATES: 9/13/78~3/16/97
WRITTEN BY: Monika Hedglin

Saying Goodbye

How do I say goodbye when you are my everything
I'm not ready for you to go
I'm not ready to say goodbye,
There was much left to do as a family,
There was so much left for you to do.
Why did you have to go so soon?
I never got to say Goodbye
You still had college, so many dreams
You still had marriage to do
Never even got to be a dad,
I know you would have been great at that
I watched you play with the little children
You were so gentle with them,
We were so proud of the man you were becoming,
So how do you say goodbye
When there is so much left you still need to do
I am not ready to say goodbye.
How can I ever say goodbye...

Written by Mom to Josh forever ~3/17/2001


IN MEMORY OF: Patti Rawls
AGE: 54
DATES: 3/2/1956 --12/10/2010
CAUSE: Melanoma Cancer
SUBMITTED BY: Helen Wallace

Once upon a time in the year 1956 on a Friday March 2 a beautiful blond headed baby girl was born. Her father and I could not have been more proud. We were a bit surprised too as she made her entrance into this world about a month before she was expected. It was OK though as she weighed 4lbs 11oz and only had to stay in the hospital an extra day. We loved watching her sleep and couldn't wait for her to open her eyes. I loved rocking her until I realized that when I would lay her down her eyes would pop wide open. Before her brother was born in 1959 on Nov. 9th I got rid of the rocking chair. Patti was such a pretty little girl and just loved life. She was a good big sister and was all her life. She always took up for her brother, even when he was in the wrong. She finished school and married a few years later and became the Mother to Tiffany and Dustin. Her heart was broken in 2007 when Dustin was killed in an auto accident. She joined a grief support group and being a part of that is what kept her going from day to day. She loved doing things for others and she was such a good daughter to me. I have so many things she made me as she was a crafter and was so good at it. She made dolls too for Project Linus which provides quilts and blankets for children in the hospitals. She did for others as long as she could. After the cancer hit her she had to slow down as her vision was very bad. It was a sad day when she left us but as much as she is missed I know where she is and I know that some day we will be back together. I thank God for the years he let me have her in my life.


IN MEMORY OF: Christopher Ronald Faller
AGE: 7-1/2 yrs
DATES: 5/7/90 - 3/24/98
CAUSE: viral tumors after successful piggyback heart transplant
WRITTEN BY: Maria (Christopher's mommy forever)


We miss your beautiful brown eyes, so full of life....
Your joyous laughter, so wonderful to hear....
Your beautiful boyish smile....
Your warm and heartfelt embraces....
Your loving kisses....
Your way of being a boy through and through.
You had a tremendous amount of love in your little heart,
So when you left us, it tore us apart.
You loved your legos, your micro machines,
Your action figures, your army stuff....
Truly a boy through and through.
You brought us so much happiness in your short time here,
Even in times of trouble and in times of pain,
Your smile just kept shining on.
No more pain for you now,
But lots of pain for us in losing you.
Now you are in heaven, and I hope to see you soon.

With all my love, for always,


IN MEMORY OF: Amanda Alicia Maria Morrow
AGE: 19
DATES: 5-4-85..1-17-05
CAUSE: head tramma auto accident
WRITTEN BY: Bettie Murray (Amanda Morrow's Mom)

This Sign from Amanda really came through, in a place that usually has no service. One day I had to have an MRI done of my back and abdomen. I had been having so many problems with my stomach and back area. I'm always so nerves when it comes to seeing doctor's or having treatments done. I don't take to pain very well. So I always get very upset when one is scheduled.

On this day, I was in the waiting room worried about what they might find, since I have been in such pain for several days. I thought the worst. I asked for Amanda to PLEASE be with me, send me a sign to comfort me, to let me know that she was with me, and that everything would be alright. Amanda and I were so much alike when it came to pain or being seen by doctors. She knew my fears. WE ARE so much alike.

While they were getting me ready to go into this tunnel like device, I asked if I should remove my cell phone, which was attached to my waist pants( I was able to keep my pants on just lower them down to my knees) and the tech told me, that it would be alright, besides there is hardly no phone service able to get through the thick walls, and the basement area, nor the tunnel. when I looked at my phone she was right, I had no bars, showing no service.

So as I laid there ready to enter this tunnel, I was just repeating Amanda's name over and over, telling her to be with me, "please be with me". I was scared, and worried. I missed her so much, all I could do was see her face, as I closed my eyes. Just then my phone started "RINGING". ringing loud. I looked back up at the tech, who was behind this glass room, and asked what I should do? She said "that's odd, just don't answer it, just sit still, and let us get through with the testing".

After it was done, I looked at my phone, there was a message, I wondered who would have called during that time, everyone I knew, knew I was having some test done? It just surprise me that the phone even rang with no bars. It even surprised the tech because before leaving the room, the tech reached for my arm, stopped me, and asked, what server did I carry? Because usually no cell phones work in that area. Not through the thick walls, nor through their high tech devices. It too surprised her when it started ringing as I was being pulled into the tunnel.

Shaken as I was, I ran to the nearest ladies room. I couldn't wait to see who it might have been that called at that exact time that I was praying for a sign. when I read the time on my cell phone of when the message was sent, it was recorded at exactly "2:58"...(("58")) again!!!! a sign from Amanda! (((that is OUR number sign!!!)))...and then my daughter Misty... (Amanda's Sister) "MISTY'S" voice message said..." MOM I WAS DRIVING TO PICK UP JAMES, AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS SONG CAME ON THE RADIO, AND I JUST HAD THIS STRONG FEELING, THIS STRONG EARGE TO CALL YOU, AND HAVE YOU LISTEN TO IT!!!" then she put her cell phone close to the radio's speakers, and all I could hear to the lyrics of the song was, "I want to take you by surprise and make you realize (("AMANDA")) I'm gonna tell you right away, I can't wait another day, ((AMANDA!!)) THAT's all I heard.... (("AMANDA!!!)) (A song from Boston I think?)

I fell to my knees, and THANKED GOD FOR ALLOWING HER TO REACH ME. GOD HAD MERCRY ON ME. I cried for a long time, just so thankful, but yet so needy of her! I just wanted to hold her physically!!!. It took me awhile, but when I finally was able to gather myself, and control my emotions, I walked out the door. But, I couldn't contain myself from sharing it with whom ever I came in contact with that day!

To think that at that exact moment that I was going into that tunnel asking for a sign from Amanda, "IF" I would have been allowed to have answered it. I would have heard those words, at that exact time 2:"58". MY prayers were answered.


IN MEMORY OF: Sean Ernest Stenzel
AGE: 27
DATES: 3/13/1984 - 7/31/2011
CAUSE: Car accident
SUBMITTED BY: Sean's Mom Mary Stenzel

The spring of 2013 when I was driving to work (it was dark),the exterior lights of my car went out right at Sean's accident site. When I flashed them on and off several times they came back on. I really feel Sean was riding with me and this was the only way he could tell me.


written or said by our children

IN MEMORY OF: Sean Ernest Stenzel
AGE: 27
DATES: 3/13/1984 - 7/31/2011
CAUSE: Car accident
SUBMITTED BY: Sean's Mom Mary Stenzel

Both Rick and I grew up with a pony and, or horse, so we wanted Sean to have that experience too. Our first pony was "Blaze". Sean was too little to ride it, so Rick created something to hold him in place--he cut out a green bucket to hold Sean on the pony so Rick could give him rides and Sean would not fall off We had colts from both Blaze and then there was a Bridget, but when he lost some interest, we sold these ponies. He did have a request for a pony when he was maybe 12 or so, so we got him another pony, which Sean named Curly, since as a colt it had curly hair. Then we bought a horse that was named Zach. Most of our ponies were Welch, but Zach was a little larger. He was a beautiful horse but got killed the time we had straight line winds and our barn went down and some other out buildings. Rick, Sean and I were down in the basement during the storm. When we looked at the damage the next morning we saw the only thing wrecked on our house were the shutters were off. I remember Sean as a youngster telling us how "God protected our home."


IN MEMORY OF: Sean Ernest Stenzel
AGE: 27
DATES: 3/13/1984 - 7/31/2011
CAUSE: Car accident
SUBMITTED BY: Sean's Mom Mary Stenzel

Being we didn't have Sean the day he was born, we had a big celebration for his 1st Birthday for our "Irish son" on St. Patrick's Day. We had a real "Irish" party with a keg of green beer and everything . Dawn Doyle made his Irish birthday cakes including a small one for Sean to dig into. Sean didn't walk at one but got around extremely well in his baby walker! He never was a "crawler" but pulled himself around on the floor. We didn't own a video camera then, but we rented one and did some very, very amateur taping of that event. He did start walking a couple of weeks after he turned one. It was a fun event for everyone to celebrate our son's first birthday. My Godparents were there and my Godfather Uncle Wilfred died unexpectedly just a few Sundays later.


IN MEMORY OF: Jason Christopher Dunn
AGE: 22
DATES: June 5, 1974-March 13,1997
CAUSE: Accidental Gun
WRITTEN BY: Susie Dunn

This was the only dream that
I had for a very long time.
About 10 months.
then one night I was in
a waiting room.
everything was pure white.
but it had huge windows in..
no glass...just windows..
so I could watch what was going on.
somehow I knew I was
there to "see" Jason.
Someone passed the doorway that
I recognized and they looked in and saw me.
they stopped and poked their head in..
to say hi..
and that Jason would be just a couple minutes
they went on.they said they had important
Business to attend to..
I knew this person had passed.
I don't know if I spent any time
with Jason that night..I don't remember.

I just know I kept
Asking to see him walking and talking again...
Then it happened...
I was in an old house and there were many rooms.
I have Been in this house
many times in dreams..
this time I saw Jason ..
and I kept Asking him how he was...
and he just said
"You see me walking and talking Don't you"
I knew I had got my prayer answered.


IN MEMORY OF: Daniel Scott Forrester
AGE: 30
DATES: 2/28/70 ~ 1/10/2001
CAUSE: non-hodgkins lymphoma
SUBMITTED BY: Arlene (Dan's Mom)

Eating out with Danny was always an experience. He "thought" he was like a celebrity in New York. Because he promoted so many clubs, he knew many people. One time he took me out to "one if by land....." restaurant in the Village. I never went to such an exclusive place and felt a bit awkward. The owner spotted Danny and came over and kissed him on each cheek. Dan introduced us and I received a gracious hug. Anyway, after we were seated, Danny ordered drinks and our meal. I grabbed my purse and took out a tissue to blow my nose. Well, you would have thought I took a gun out by the look on my son's face. He said in a controlled, authoritive whisper "Mom, if you need to use a tissue, PLEASE go to the ladies room." LOL I quietly wiped my nose and just shook my head. I restrained from lecturing him, but said "Dan, from now on, bring me to Burger King for dinner" .... We laughed and I really did enjoy myself. So many memories.

Hard to believe he's been gone 13 years. I'm comforted by the many memories which bring smiles to my face.....yet still tug at my heart.


IN MEMORY OF: Jesse E. Pecco
AGE: 22
DATES: June14, 1978 - August 14, 2000
CAUSE: Murder

IN MEMORY OF: Justin T. Pecco
AGE: 22
DATES: March 20, 1988 - July 6, 2011
SUBMITTED BY: Deborah Santos

I have two son's who have passed away, Jesse E, Pecco and Justin T. Pecco. I miss each of them more than words can say and I think about them every single day. We have had so many good and happy times, that I just let all of the good memories help get me through this journy of grief I am on. I would have rather had the two Jesse and Justin and all of the love, than to have never had them at all. I miss you both tremendously... Mommy


IN MEMORY OF: Joey Marshall Whiteman
AGE: 21 years, 360 days
DATES: 09/08/80-09/03/02
CAUSE: auto accident
SUBMITTED BY: Terrie (Joey's Mom)

For Joey's Brother's Birthday I had a memorial that you place on the window of your car. I had seen them on other cars and finally found the right person who makes them and when Jon-Michael's birthday came, he rushed to apply it to the back window for all the world to see, that his brother was in his heart and with him in his car always.

A year ago, his car no longer could hold out and he had to buy another, but somewhere in heaven's graveyard, there is a memorial for his brother Joey.

It went as follows:
Joseph Marshall Whiteman

Auto accident



Based on your personal experience what would you say to someone that has just lost their child and what hope could you give them?

IN MEMORY OF: Dylan Ross
AGE: 36 years
DATES: 11/22/1973 - 8/27/2010
CAUSE: Pulmonary embolism


Heaven is a place, another realm, where the souls of our loved ones, God's chosen ones, are immersed in pure love, joy and peace. They are surrounded by unimaginable beauty and want for nothing. With God's grace they are able to continue to enjoy many earthly pleasures. And while we no longer experience their physical presence they are able to remain close to us and even communicate with us. I know this because my son has told me.


IN MEMORY OF: Jason Christopher Dunn
AGE: 22
DATES: June 5, 1974-March 13,1997
CAUSE: Accidental Gun
WRITTEN BY: Susie Dunn

I was coming home from a
ride on the mountain.
It was late fall and I was just
Cruising around the "bypass" to head up
the hill to home speed was about 55.
When all of a sudden.the truck
in front of me stopped pulling to the left center
of the road and the car
beside coming down the ramp from town stopped.
the car coming towards me stopped too
but it was just dark enough for me not to see
the deer ahead on the road.
There was a herd of deer crossing in
The intersection. There is no way I could have stopped.
not with a horse in the trailer I was pulling...
but I have always asked God to protect the animals.
there are so many
Beautiful creatures that die because someone hits them.
So again I said "Oh God"
and I have no idea how I didn't hit the deer
that was directly ahead of me on the road.
this too was like slow motion...
all of a sudden the deer was right there.
in the middle of the road.
directly in front of my truck...
but there was no hit.
no animal died that night
I have no idea where it went..
but it didn't end up on my hood.
and it was right in the middle of the road..
I remember thinking twilight zone.
because it was like that.
everything stopped.and I drove on.
not hurting anything.


MARCH 2014


I have been reading the Bringer of Light Newsletter for years. It has been such a blessing for me. I love how anyone can write a story and it is put in the newsletter for all of us to read. The stories help me with my own loss and also to feel the loss of others who share their stories. Loosing your child is the worst thing in the world, but just to know that I am not alone helps me so much. Thanks to all of you who have shared your childrens stories with all of us. I hope someday to write a story too.


This presentation has been created by Dale Tucker (the son of Dolores Tucker and the grieving brother of Dennis Tucker). This is a video from March 2013. Gaze upon this snowy creek in Massachuetts with Dale as he captures the beauty of the dawning of Spring.

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POETRY: A poem written by you about your grief or your child.

SIGNS FROM THE OTHER SIDE: A story written by you about a sign that you received from your child.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: A story, poem, quote, or anything written or said by your child.

MEMORIES: A story written by you about a special memory that you have of your child.

DREAMS: A story written by you about a dream that you had of your child after the death of your child.

HUMOR: A story written by you about a funny memory you have of your child at any age.

PRIDE: A story written by you about an achievement, talent, or unique characteristic of your child at any age.

MEMORIALS: A story written by you about a memorial that you have for your child.

QUESTION: Your answer to the current question about grief. (see submission site for current question)

ANGEL STORIES: Stories of encounters with angels that you or your child had at anytime

COMMENTS: A comment that you may have for any of the sections in the Bringer of Light newsletter. CHART FOR AVAILABLE SECTIONS:

When you enter the SUBMISSION PAGE there is a chart that will show the available sections so that you will know what is available to submit. The cart represents an entire year. You are invited to submit to any of the available sections. You may see the chart by clicking on the button below:



We would love to hear all about your child, or your grief, or your comments. You can participate in the BRINGER OF LIGHT NEWSLETTER by submitting to the above sections.


Last Entry in Luke's Journal:

"When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face,
I need nothing else." ~ Luke Ross