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When Luke was about 18 years old, and living at home, he left one day to go across town to meet some friends. I walked out to his car to see him off and to get my HUG and my "I love you mom" from Luke. He got in his car and as I leaned through the window to give him a kiss I noticed that he had a piece of paper taped over his gas gauge. I said "Luke, what is this?" He proudly said..."That's faith." I said..."What do you mean?" He said, "Well, I'm never sure if I am going to have enough money to put gas in my car, so I just cover up my gauge, and go by faith." I said firmly..."Luke, you can NOT ride around with your gas gauge covered up!" Luke said... "It's okay Mom, I will be taken care of." I said..."No, it is not okay, Luke... you are going to run out of gas!" Luke said..."God will take care of me." At that point I was getting really angry with him for doing something that, at the time, I thought was so ridiculous. So I said very firmly, "Luke... God is a busy man, and I don't think he has time to keep up with your gas tank." Luke then got angry with me, tore the paper off and said..."Mom, you just need to have a little more faith."

Three years later Luke died, and I really needed that faith that Luke always talked about. I was lost and didn't know where to turn. I searched for help on my computer and stumbled upon the Compassionate Friends site where I found a link to a grief group called Grieving Parents. This group was my salvation! I had found a place where I could talk about Luke and others would listen and they would talk about their children and their loss and I didn't feel so alone anymore. During that first week on-line I met so many sad and caring parents. I received a welcome from a mom in New Jersey who had lost her son Danny, just a few months before Luke had died. I noticed that in her email under her signature..... Arlene, Danny's forever mom... were the words "Walk by faith, not by sight." I felt an immediate connection to her and to her son. I told her Luke's story about his gas gauge and she responded with such support and understanding. From that day on we were the best of friends and still are after almost 13 years of grieving. Hardly a day goes by that we don't communicate on-line. We have visited each other's homes and shared so many stories about our boys. Arlene has received many signs from Luke and I have received many signs from Danny. She calls our boys "The Dynamic Duo". Luke has become a part of her family, just as Danny has become a part of our family. "Oh Danny Boy I love you so."

Danny died January 10, 2001 and Luke died April 3, 2001. Luke and Danny never knew each other on earth. I certainly don't know how things work in this universe but I feel that Danny and Luke were friends long before they even came to earth. I often imagine Danny standing there in Heaven waiting for Luke as he entered Heaven just a few months after Danny did, then Danny putting his arm around Luke and saying... "Welcome home old friend."

We know that our boys brought us together all those years ago so that we could help each other on this long, lonely journey. Luke and Danny are together in Heaven, they send us signs, they are okay, and they will meet us when our time comes. I know all these things because of something that my son tried to tell me many years ago... "Mom, you just need to have a little more faith."

2013 Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001


The earth is so still this cold New Year's morning.
The ground is bare, there's a hush in every tree.
I have but only one New Year's resolution,
To try and understand why... you were TAKEN FROM ME.

I sat in your garden this New Years morning.
I looked at your stone inscribed 2001.
My heart questions what me eyes tell me.
Have you really been away that long?

That year is coldly etched on your stone.
That year is forever a time from the past.
It's when I last touched you, it seems like forever,
But somehow it seems the years move by so fast.

Seems like yesterday you called on New Year's morning,
To tell me of your celebration on New Year's eve.
We talked and laughed but now I'm crying.
I just don't understand why... you had to leave.

It seems that you had so much to offer.
There's less happiness since you've been gone.
You loved so much and you gave so much.
Your absence just seems so very wrong.

Doesn't God realize the world needs your laughter?
How can the world continue without your smile?
We need you to hold us and we need you to touch us.
We need you to walk with us down these lonely miles.

I've had too many years to absorb these feelings,
I've had too many years to live without you, my son.
My world has ceased while life has continued.
I just can't believe another year has come.

I really understand that you won't be returning,
Even though I pray for it down on my knees.
I really understand that you're in a better place.
But I don't understand why... you were TAKEN FROM ME.

2002 - Christine Ross
revised 2014

~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001

Find and be found to discover your.....


"Danny Boy" is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly and usually set to the Irish tune of the "Londonderry Air".[1] It is most closely associated with Irish communities.

Although initially written to a tune other than "Londonderry Air", the words to "Danny Boy" were penned by English lawyer and lyricist Frederic Weatherly in Bath, Somerset in 1910. After his Irish-born sister-in-law Margaret (known as Jess) in the United States sent him a copy of "Londonderry Air" in 1913, Weatherly modified the lyrics of "Danny Boy" to fit the rhyme and meter of "Londonderry Air".

Weatherly gave the song to the vocalist Elsie Griffin, who made it one of the most popular songs in the new century; and, in 1915, Ernestine Schumann-Heink produced the first recording of "Danny Boy".

Jane Ross of Limavady is credited with collecting the melody of "Londonderry Air" in the mid-19th century from a musician she encountered.

There are various theories as to the true meaning of "Danny Boy". Some listeners have interpreted the song to be a message from a parent to a son going off to war.

The song is popular for funerals and "Danny Boy" has been recorded multiple times by a variety of artists.



(There are a number of variations on these lyrics. The following one is the original version.)

Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side,
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling,
It's you, it's you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow,
It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so!

But when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying,
And kneel and say an Ave there for me;

And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me,
And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be,
For you will bend and tell me that you love me,
And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me!

~ ~ Written by Frederic Weatherly


IN MEMORY OF: Evelin Patricia Ray Meyer
AGE: 4 months
DATES: 1/22/2010-5/20/2010

Evelin, January is a cold and long month, but you brightened it, when you were born. Happy 4th birthday in heaven. We miss you very much.
Love you always, Grandma

IN MEMORY OF: Daniel Scott Forrester
AGE: 30
DATES: 2/28/70 - 1/10/01
CAUSE: non-hodgkins lymphoma
SUBMITTED BY: Arlene (Dan4everMom)

January 10, 2001

My son Danny, after struggling for years with lymphoma, closed his eyes to this world, and opened them in Heaven, his eternal home. He has been so very missed for 13 years, but I take comfort in knowing he is finally out of pain, safe in the arms of His Lord. And I know, without a doubt, that one day, we will once again be reunited - never again to be separated by death. For it will be our "ETERNAL" lives which we will live with God our Father, and the Blessed Mother and all our Heavenly family......forever. What joy we will have when that time comes.


Love, Mom

IN MEMORY OF: David Jordan Bachner
AGE: 18
DATES: 1/16/91 - 8/11/09
CAUSE: Sudden Cardiac Arrest
SUBMITTED BY: Rhonda Bachner

I am honored to be able to write a dedication to my son David on his January 16th birthday.

David, your birthday is always a special day. You LOVED Christmas so much and you knew that if Santa didn't get you what you wanted on December 25th, mom and dad would get it for you on January 16th. Even though you were 18 when you passed, all of our gifts had to be from Santa. You insisted. I know you truly believed in Santa. Always a kid at heart. You would never look at your gifts ... always wanted it to be a surprise ...

This time of year is so very hard for me. I miss you so much and nothing is the same or will it ever be. If you could see how many people still remember you. It's the strangers that didn't know you that are the most special. I never would of thought that I would be spending your birthdays without you. I miss your smile and you sense of humor. The special way I always had to wash your clothes. Watching you play baseball. You showing my your latest dance moves and your new favorite song.

I am very sad that you didn't get to live your dream and play baseball at Seton Hall University. You worked your whole life to go to a Division 1 University. You did it. Just 2 weeks and you would be able to have lived that dream. Your dream of marrying Carolyn. You both knew what you wanted in life. Your dream of helping children in need. You would always give back.

None of it was fair. Your life ended to soon. Why? I will go to MY grave with that question. I have so many questions and no answers.

They put up a beautiful plaque on your field David. It's incredible. You would love it ... although you never liked the accolades. You could go out and throw a no hitter and still tell people you could of done better. It was never about you ... always about the team ... Such a big heart.

I want to wish you a Very, Very Happy Birthday in Heaven David and I hope that you are happy. I try to be happy and try to think that you are in good hands, but I can't help but think that the best hands for you to be in are mine ... I love you baby boy so much and I miss you more and more with each passing day. What I would give for a hug ... to see your face and just to hear you call me "Mom".

Its hard being alone in my grief, as I guess people think that I should be over it ... but know in your heart that will never happen. I will keep your memory alive every day ... Unhittable and Unforgettable #16 ... I LOVE YOU <3

IN MEMORY OF: Corrina Jennell Parslow
AGE: 18
DATES: 01/15/1987 09/29/2005
CAUSE: Auto Accident
SUBMITTED BY: Michelle Drury

In honor and sweet memory of my angel, Corrina. She was so full of life, kindness, joy and love. I miss her every single second of every single day. She was, and always will be, the absolute love of my life.

IN MEMORY OF: amanda renae caudill
AGE: 25yrs
DATES: 7 25 79 - 1 28 2005
CAUSE: conjested heart failure

IN MEMORY OF: Amanda Alicia Maria Morrow
AGE: 19
DATES: 5-4-85..1-17-05
CAUSE: head tramma auto accident

IN MEMORY OF: brandon james peterson
AGE: 18
DATES: 1/16/89-07/11/07
CAUSE: suicide

IN MEMORY OF: Christine Marie Klein
AGE: 27
DATES: 1/30/75 - 2/26/02
CAUSE: Suicide

IN MEMORY OF: Christopher David Romero
AGE: 19
DATES: 09/27/1991-01/29/2011
CAUSE: Car accident

IN MEMORY OF: Daniel Joseph Quinn
AGE: 21
DATES: 1/1/87 - 12/16/08

IN MEMORY OF: Dominic Michael Campano
AGE: 17
DATES: B 1-29-91 D 6-10-08

IN MEMORY OF: Joseph Chretien Jr. (Joey)
AGE: 25 at death
DATES: January 9, 1969 - June 29, 1994
CAUSE: Heroin OD

IN MEMORY OF: Randy Reed Hecox
AGE: 30 Years
DATES: 1-7-69 t0 7-23-99
CAUSE: Suicide after home from War

IN MEMORY OF: Airman 1st Class Scott M. Schroeder
AGE: 20
DATES: Jan 5, 1974 - June 16, 1994
CAUSE: Military Accident

IN MEMORY OF: Shannon David Burns
AGE: 33
DATES: 1/2/1976 to 10/30/2009
CAUSE: Blunt force trauma to the head from a fall at work

IN MEMORY OF: Troy Alan Mitzlaff
AGE: 37
DATES: 01/27/1971-12/14/2008
CAUSE: Suicide



"for we walk by faith, not by sight" ~ 2 Chorintians 5:7


"I have to smile when I think of them in Heaven." ~ Arlene Gundersen 2012


IN MEMORY OF: Amanda Alicia Maria Morrow
AGE: 19
DATES: 5-4-85 to 1-17-05
CAUSE: head trama
SUBMITTED BY: Bettie Murray

I asked her before she left the night before. "Amanda are you happy?" ( knowing her answer, since she was beaming from ear to ear) Her reply..."OH, YES MOM, I AM VERY HAPPY!!!". I gave her a BIG hug, and as she walked away, I said, "wait, wait, ONE MORE HUG!!!!". We hugged again tightly, and she gave me the sweetest smile. I will ALWAYS REMEMBER THOSE WORDS, HUGS, AND SMILE. I miss my baby.


IN MEMORY OF: Pamela SUE Fountain
AGE: 21 years
DATES: sept 16 1986-Aug 11 2008
CAUSE: Drug Overdose
WRITTEN BY: Peggi Fountain

Dear Pam
You are loved and missed every single minute of every day. I am so sorry that I didn't get home earlier that day to dial "911", the call that may have saved your life. I called you so many times that day but Justin always had an excuse for you not to talk to me. I am so sorry I believed him. I would give anything to change the circumstances of that day so that you might be here to watch Brianna and Wyatt grow up. Brianna misses you so much. Sometimes we cry together. Wyatt was so young that even though Candy is raising him, she has told him about his "Angel Mommy". I wish that out of all the times I had you admitted to a rehab, one of them would have kept you long enough for you to get the help you so desperately needed. But none of what I wish happened and as a result, you are no longer with us. I hope that you are happy and healthy wherever you are. I hope you have a life now that allows you to watch over your two kids. We all, Me, Dad, Jessie, Candy, Tommie and your kids miss you so much. I told you that if anything ever happened to you, it would kill me. Well, I'm still here so I guess physically it didn't. I don't know why it didn't but emotionally it took it's toll on me. Not a day goes by that I don't wish you were still here. I hope you knew when you were alive, how much I loved you. Every time I yelled at you for doing drugs, it was because I didn't want the inevitable outcome. I love and miss you Baby, more than you could ever know. Please rest in peace, my Angel. Till we meet again.
Love you always.


IN MEMORY OF: David Jordan Bachner
AGE: 18
DATES: 1/16/91 - 8/11/09
CAUSE: Sudden Cardiac Arrest
WRITTEN BY: Rhonda Bachner

My son David was born on January 16, 1991 and he died August 11, 2009. The day he was born was one of the happiest days of my life and the day he died was the worst day. It is every parent's nightmare that their child predecease them and, unless you have been there, there is nothing anyone can say to convey the kind of incomprehensible impact it is to lose a child.

There is much to say about the circumstances of David's birth; but what has become important to me is David's life. As a child, I can remember that he HAD to have a ball in his hand at all times. He would spend his days either kicking or throwing or batting a ball and he became an outstanding athlete out of the many hours he spent practicing. As David got older, he became clear that he was a gifted athlete and, while he played four seasons in high school, he was most noted for his career in high school baseball. He set school records with a 17-3 record, 1.50 ERA and 239 strikeouts. His senior season was one of the best in New Jersey history: 9-2 with a 0.97 ERA and 125 strikeouts in 64 2/3 innings.

The truth is sports, specifically baseball, were the most important thing to David, except there actually was one thing more important. David loved people. He loved his friends and he had friends in many, many groups. He had friends who were jocks, and friend that were "nerds" and friends that were "thugs" and friends that didn't fit in any of those categories. He was known for his smile and his ability to brighten someone's day if they were down, or lend an ear if they were upset, or buying them lunch if they were broke and none of that depended on anything other than there was a peer in need and David could do something to fill that need. David was the kind of kid that has that something special that comes along once in a lifetime. One of the most precious relationships to David was his girlfriend, Carolyn. If you knew David, you knew Carolyn. And vise versa. People were always tempted to talk about them as though they were high school sweethearts and, indeed, they WERE high school sweethearts, but they were also much, much more than that. They were the type of couple that when one wept, the other tasted salt. In David's passing, a part of Carolyn went with him and, while she would, of course, resurrect from this tragedy, her life would never, ever be the same.

David died on August 11, 2009. He died of sudden cardiac arrest ... It was three week before he would have gone to Seton Hall University. It was three weeks before all of his friends left for school as well. The community was devastated at the news of David's death and the outpouring of grievers and the expressions of their grief were, and frankly still are, overwhelming. The viewing and services occurred over two days and the lines of people at the church were non-stop. Kids made murals with thousands of pictures of David. The baseball teams - both his high school team and the boys from Seton Hall - gathered in the church were David's viewing was held and they openly wept. The kids organized a baseball game where everyone wore t-shirts with Bachner 16 on the back and Unhittable on the front. These original shirts were the very first offered in what is now Unhittable Apparel and the David Jordan Bachner Memorial Fund was created out of kids creating t-shirts and putting together a baseball game. As I said, the outpouring of grievers and their expressions were overwhelming and beyond touching.

I developed a FB page called "In loving memory of David Jordan Bachner" and this site allowed kids to stay connected with David. What was important to me was that kids would be able to go on with their lives, even though I was devastated that my son was not going on with his life. For the first year, many kids wrote to David almost daily. They told him about their days, they told him about things they did, they prayed to him and told him special intentions and so forth. They remained connected to him, to each other and to us through this Facebook page and I began to realize that they were "cyber grieving." What I learned is that, in the wake of any tragedy, you just can't tell what will arise. Very shortly after David's death, people who never even knew David started to order the Unhittable shirts. And they started to post on his memorial page pictures of them wearing their Unhittable shirts if they were somewhere special. In the beginning the pictures were from parties and vacations with their family; but soon kids started sending pictures from Europe and Asia and literally all over the world. They wore their shirts to places David never got to see. In response to all of those photos of people in their Unhittable shirts, I created another Facebook page called "Unhittable Across the Globe". What became clear to me is that David's life is not one that would be easily forgotten; it was almost as if the Universe demanded Unhittable Across the Globe.

In one regard, it would be easy for me to say that my son is remembered to this day and that his friends wear shirts in his honor no matter where they go. That idea, soothing as it is for me, diminishes what the honor that David brought to life. "Unhittable Across the Globe" is a site that serves a dual purpose. For sure, the site honors David, his life, the contribution he was to people around him. In addition, and possible more importantly, it has his friends remain connected to the values and character traits that people loved about David and it calls them to keep those messages alive and to spread them literally "Across the Globe". I think of it as a grass roots movement for people to be their highest possible selves and to treat people with love and respect. Anything else would be a dishonoring of David's life.

When David was a freshman in high school, a friend of mine asked him if he had three wishes what would they be. David, without a moment's hesitation said, that his first wish would be for his family and friends to be happy. The next wish would be to play for the NY Yankees so that he could make enough money to open sport facilities that would ensure that all children, rich or poor, would be able to explore the benefits of sports. At fifteen years old, he was clear that children need a positive way to channel their energy and to explore what's possible for them. He thought he could make a difference for kids who would otherwise possibly be forgotten. Every penny raised from the sales of Unhittable Apparel goes to fund scholarships, baseball teams and other various events that are a natural expression of David's dream and generosity.

This is the story of how I created a way to honor my son's life and a way that keeps his memory and spirit alive. Every day people go to the Unhittable site to buy apparel or to see their pictures posted. I am but one mother writing about her child. I believe that each child brings to the world a message that is both unique and essential. It isn't necessarily that every child's death should be honored in a FB page; but the message is that every child's life deserves to be remembered in a way that honors them, for whatever the length of time, no matter how short their life. This is my story. I welcome you to share yours. I invite you to find a way to honor the life that was lost. We grieve because it gives us something to do with the unbearable sadness of losing a child, but we honor their lives because it is in the honoring that their life takes on a purpose that makes a difference.

Please know that your story is as important as mine. If you are interested in Unhittable Apparel or if you want a first hand look at how I set up my site, please feel free to explore the site at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unhittable-Across-The-Globe/249605558400483.


IN MEMORY OF: Denise Rosaleen Vaughan
AGE: 6
DATES: July 14, 1978--December 28, 1984
CAUSE: Brain tumor, cancer.
WRITTEN BY: Mommy, Rosaleen Vaughan

I Am With You

I am the night and morning snow....
I am the many winds that blow.
I am the sun that shines so bright
On your face in the morning light.
I am the coolness of the winter's breeze
As it passes gently through the tree's.
I am the sparkle in the sky above....
Those stars are filled with all my love.
So, as you go about your day.....remember....
I am all around you, every step of the way.

Author: Rosaleen Bellamy (Vaughan)
December 20, 2008.


IN MEMORY OF: Jason Christopher Dunn
AGE: 22
DATES: June 5, 1974-March 13,1997
CAUSE: Accidental Gun
WRITTEN BY: Susie Dunn

I remember our 3rd anniversary of Jason's passing...
tried to make it through Without caving in.
So Bud and I decided to
go to bed early so we could
be asleep and miss
that dreaded time of 10:20.
That was the time
Jason left our house
the night he left this world.
We fell asleep quickly actually.
The next thing we know the alarm clock
goes off and wakes us up.
It was 10:20 P.M. and it was
set for 5:00 A.M.

IN MEMORY OF: Sean Ernest Stenzel
AGE: 27
DATES: 3/13/1984 - 7/31/2011
CAUSE: Car accident
SUBMITTED BY: Sean's Mom Mary Stenzel

Shortly after Sean passed we had his baby girl at our house. In the middle of the night, she woke up crying. All of a sudden across the room a musical bear started playing songs. I think Sean was trying to help comfort his daughter.


written or said by our children

IN MEMORY OF: Troy Alan Mitzlaff
AGE: 37
DATES: January 27, 1971
CAUSE: suicide

Troy posted this on My Space before his death. "I like to think I am a simple man, but others tell me different. I try to enjoy life to its fullest. I work hard. I play hard. I am an honest,down to earth person who does not like to play games. I hate games and game players. I value friends and family but sometimes time gets away from me. It's all a big juggling act. Kudos to those who support my decisions and those who don't, well I can't please everyone." I love you, Troy and you are wonderful man and always will be in my heart.
I love you.


IN MEMORY OF: Joshua Eugene Hedglin
AGE: 18
DATES: 9/13/78~3/16/97
WRITTEN BY: Monika Hedglin

A Childs First Friend

Blue bunny all tattered and torn
Cast aside when the child had grown
Blue bunny lay in a pile of rubble
A gift from God, a son named Josh
a boy of one, saw the bunny all torn
He cried till he won, the bunny all worn
Mom saw a rabbit all tattered and torn
Josh saw the freind, They were destined to be
Friends till the end blue bunny and me
Mom Patched the bunny, his paws and ears
They were buddies for eighteen years
the secrets they shared, never were told
Blue bunny was getting old
Blue bunny was worn from the years of love
Josh was taken to soon by a gun
Mom wiped a tear as she lovingly placed
the bunny in the arms of her son
They were destined to be friends till the end

Written by Monika Josh's mom forever 3/29/2002



IN MEMORY OF: Daniel Scott Forrester
AGE: 30
DATES: 2/28/70 - 1/10/01
CAUSE: non-hodgkins lymphoma
SUBMITTED BY: Arlene (Dan4everMom)

The first sign from Danny was sent to his sister Tara in a Dream just days after Danny was buried. She had a vivid dream of the phone ringing - and when she picked it up, it was Danny.... and he said to her "Well, I'm the first one out of all of us to get to Heaven".... She said it was so real.


IN MEMORY OF: Corrina Jennell Parslow
AGE: 18
DATES: 01/15/1987 09/29/2005
CAUSE: Auto Accident
SUBMITTED BY: Michelle Drury

One day when Corrina was about 4, my dad was quizzing her on stangers, and stranger situations. He asked her what would she do if a stranger offered her candy to get in their car. She replied "Grampy, I would tell them NO!" He then asked her what if they offered her money and she replied "Grampy, I would tell them NO WAY!". He then proceeded to ask her what if they offered you a Barbie doll, and Corrina replied "Oh wow Grampy, which Barbie?"

Everyone at the table tried so hard not to laugh, but as you can see, my sweet baby girl LOVED her Barbies!


IN MEMORY OF: David Jordan Bachner
AGE: 18
DATES: 1/16/91 - 8/11/09
CAUSE: Sudden Cardiac Arrest
SUBMITTED BY: Rhonda Bachner

My son David was the kind of kid that wanted to help others that were less fortunate. He played baseball at a very wonderful high school ... They had wonderful uniforms. My son always said that if he became famous and played in the big leagues (as his dream was the be a New York Yankee) and he was well on his way. He wanted to help the less fortunate to afford uniforms ... his motto was ... You look good ... You feel good ... You play good!!! I will never forget it ... EVER!!



IN MEMORY OF: Christopher Ronald Faller
AGE: 7 1/2
DATES: May 7, 1990 - March 24, 1998
CAUSE: viral tumors after successful piggyback heart transplant
SUBMITTED BY: Maria (Mommy)

Dear Christine - First, I read your story of Luke and Emily opening their gifts for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Tears. Then I read the words to the song Where Are You Christmas (which I also have playing on Christopher's Christmas web page). More tears. Then I saw that you had Christopher's story on your newsletter web page. Bucket loads of tears. I cannot thank you enough. I probably needed a good cry anyways.

love and hugs,

Christopher's mommy forever

IN MEMORY OF: Robert Walton
AGE: 1 day old
DATES: Nov 10, 1963 - Nov 11, 1963
CAUSE: Premuture

Dear Christine.
Thank You so much for sharing with me December BringerOfLight Newsletter. Reading {COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS} Had me in tears my sweet friend. So sorry Christine for getting up set reading {COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS}. I should be strong for you my special friend. Reading {LONELY CHRISTMAS NIGHT} was so sweet Christine. And the song {WHERE ARE YOU CHRISTMAS} So beautiful to listen too. I love that song so much Christine. And also Thank You so much for the beautiful Memorial Angel Candle for Robert I love it so much bless you always. Christine I hope you and Robin and Emily find comfort in all those precious Christmas memories of Luke, And they help your broken hearts. GB Luke at Christmas Time and always. God please give this loving family all your love & comfort always. Christine sending you and Robin and Emily. All my love and Christmas Blessings.

From your friend Joan and family XOXOXOXOXOXOXO.

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DREAMS: A story written by you about a dream that you had of your child after the death of your child.

HUMOR: A story written by you about a funny memory you have of your child at any age.

PRIDE: A story written by you about an achievement, talent, or unique characteristic of your child at any age.

MEMORIALS: A story written by you about a memorial that you have for your child.

QUESTION: Your answer to the current question about grief. (see submission site for current question)

ANGEL STORIES: Stories of encounters with angels that you or your child had at anytime

COMMENTS: A comment that you may have for any of the sections in the Bringer of Light newsletter. CHART FOR AVAILABLE SECTIONS:

When you enter the SUBMISSION PAGE there is a chart that will show the available sections so that you will know what is available to submit. The cart represents an entire year. You are invited to submit to any of the available sections. You may see the chart by clicking on the button below:



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Last Entry in Luke's Journal:

"When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face,
I need nothing else." ~ Luke Ross