Seventeen Years in Heaven
April 3, 2018

Lucas Christopher Ross
October 31, 1979 - April 3, 2001
Acute Bronchopneumonia

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We took Luke to his very first STAR WARS movie in Pocotello, Idaho when he was just an infant. That was the first time his tiny ears heard Luke Skywalker say.... "May the force be with you." These words would be a lifelong adventure for him.

As a teenager Luke was in a youth group. It was the year that the Star Wars Trilogy was re-released into the theaters. Luke had a jeep and volunteered to drive any of the kids that wanted to ride with him. They handed out an invitation weeks before the big event that said.... Luke is driving and the force is going with him. If anyone wants to ride with Luke...... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

As an adult Luke had a telescope and he would sit on the balcony at night and watch the stars. I would peek out through our bedroom window and see him up there and wonder what he was thinking about, not knowing that "Luke was waiting on the judment day." After he died we had a star named after him because of his love of the stars and his love of movies about the stars.

Many years and many Star Wars movies have passed since Luke's first Star Wars movie in Idaho and many years have passed since he made his final journey through the stars to join the force that had been with him all his days. Recently we watched the newest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Near the end of the movie Luke Skywalker is sitting on a rock looking into the sunset and just vanishes into the atmosphere. He too made his final journey through the stars and joined the force. During one of the very last scenes, the following was said to Luke's sister, Leah.... "Luke is gone. I felt it. But there was no sadness or pain, it was peace and purpose."

"The weight" we carry will never be lifted until we are with Luke again. When we look at the twinkling stars of the mysterious night sky I can faintly hear him say "May the force be with you." Although "Luke is gone", and although "I felt" him leave, the silent stars tell me that he is still with us. I know that he is peeking down on us from beyond the distant sky where "somewhere" in that atmosphere he has found..... peace and purpose.

2018 Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001


Somewhere up there in the sky,
Out in the still of night,
Reaching from the atmosphere,
Beyond the distant light.

Somewhere in my memories,
Down deep within my soul,
Captured in my every thought,
And in goodbyes left untold.

Somewhere very close to me,
But what seems so far away,
Right here in the present time,
Maybe lost in yesterday.

Somewhere in that other place,
Perhaps soon or long from now.
Again we'll be be together,
Somewhere... someway... somehow...

2013 - Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001


They say that you are really gone
Although your suitcase wasn't packed.
I saw no maps of where you went
Or how you will come back.

I didn't hear the door close
Or your car pull from the drive.
I found no reservations.
They all say you're not alive.

I think you would have called me
From the place they say you went.
But I never heard the phone ring
So to me it makes no sense.

It's been a long, long time ago
Since the day I saw you last,
But I don't care what they say
They're wrong about the past.

I'm tired of all the lies I hear
That you're in another place.
Everywhere I look for you
I always see your face.

Sometimes in the dark of night
I think I hear you say goodbye.
But I know it can't be true.
I don't think you ever died.

The stars that shine up in the sky
Tell me that you're not gone.
It is the stars that understand
And know I can't move on.

This is the world I've made for us.
Some say it's make believe.
But like the stars communicate....
You'll never really leave.

2014 - Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001


as performed by The Band

I pulled in to Nazareth, was feeling 'bout half past dead
I just need some place where I can lay my head
'Hey mister, can you tell me where a man might find a bed?'
He just grinned and shook my hand, 'No' was all he said

Take a load off, Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off, Fanny
And you put the load right on me

I picked up my bag, I went looking for a place to hide
When I saw Carmen and the Devil walking side by side
I said 'Hey Carmen, come on, let's go downtown'
She said 'I gotta go but my friend can stick around'

Take a load off, Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off, Fanny
And you put the load right on me

Go down Miss Moses, there's nothing you can say
It's just old Luke, and Luke's waiting on the judgment day
'Well, Luke my friend, what about young Anna-Lee?'
He said 'Do me a favor son, won't you stay and keep Anna-Lee company?'

Take a load off, Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off, Fanny
And you put the load right on me

Crazy Chester followed me and he caught me in the fog
He said 'I will fix your rack if you'll take Jack my dog'
I said 'Wait a minute Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man'
He said 'That's okay boy, won't you feed him when you can?'

Take a load off, Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off, Fanny
And you put the load right on me

Catch a cannonball now to take me down the line
My bag is sinking low and I do believe it's time
To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she's the only one
Who sent me here with her regards for everyone

Take a load off, Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off, Fanny
And you put the load right on me


"Luke is gone. I felt it. But there was no sadness or pain, it was peace and purpose."

Luke's Place at the Table

Letter to Luke from his Dad
The day after Luke's anniversary

LUKE, Yesterday marked you being in heaven for 17 years. Me and mom continue to miss you as much as ever. You know how much we miss and need you, you have to, since you sent us so many amazing signs yesterday, to help us through that day and every day until we meet again.

The first sign started the string of absolutely AMAZING signs!!!! Shortly after we got out of bed you controllled mom's computer, while she was on your site, and replayed your voice over and over and over until mom stopped it, " Hey, This is LUKE, Hey this is LUKE, Hey this is LUKE, Hey,This is LUKE...................". This recoring has your voice all through your years on earth, and is several minutes long, but this is all that played.I took a video of it to keep. WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW. Thank you LUKE. Then at El Tovar, mom went in and got a table while I parked the car. The lady sitting at the next table was talking about her son Luke! She said Luke over and over. While I was walking to the resturant, I heard a man calling to his son, about 8 or 9 years old, " come on Luke". I stopped to listen to be sure I heard correctly and he said again," come on Luke". Then, while at the table, the lady next to us was leaving and mom asked her about her son, Luke. We had a very good conversation with her about our LUKE's. Her Luke is 18 and is also gentle, happy, always joking around and doing silly things and has an amazing musical talent. Just like you. She also told us that if her Luke would have been a girl the name would have been EMILY. After they left, the manager of the resturant came to us and said that she remembered us from last year, with our photo, candle, red rose and small urn on the table. Her daughter, Christina, also went to heaven, on May the 4th, May the fourth be with you! We also had a good conversation with her, her name is Janet.

LUKE, thank you so much for continuing to let mom and I know you are doing great in heaven and are staying close to us, and are with us all the time. We need that so much. After the first sign with you repeating, "Hey this is LUKE", I thanked you and, as always, asked you for more signs, and you replyed, Dad, aren't you ever satisfied? I told you that I was sorry, but I need you so much. Well, you certainly showed me, with all of the other signs.

Thank you LUKE, my son forever.
I love you forever.

Ladies at Other Table

Letter to Luke from his Mom

Dear Luke,
I love you and I miss you and I am amazed with you. Thank you so much for that AMAZING sign at 5:45 a.m. today on your anniversary. YOU MADE MY DAY!! I cried, but I am happy through the tears just knowing you are here with us.... HEY THIS IS LUKE. THANK YOU SO MUCH LUKE. I will see you soon Luke. Please help SPOOKY cross over to the other side. He is not doing well and the cancer is just about to take him home with you and Blue. I LOVE YOU SON FOREVER!!!
Love Mom

Luke at the Grand Canyon

Anniversary Flowers

Luke's Urn

Luke's Case

Flowers from Emily & Dave

Balloon Release





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Last Entry in Luke's Journal:

"When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face,
I need nothing else." ~ Luke Ross


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